Marjorie Harvey is Lori Harvey's stepmother, having married Lori's father, Steve Harvey, in 2007.

Marjorie has been a positive influence in Lori's life, and the two have a close relationship.

 Marjorie is a fashion enthusiast and has often been seen accompanying Lori to high-profile fashion events and shows.

 Lori has credited Marjorie for teaching her important life lessons and helping her become the person she is today.

 Marjorie has shown support for Lori's various ventures, including her modeling career and skincare line.

 Lori has also credited Marjorie for her stylish and chic sense of fashion, often calling her a style icon.

 Marjorie and Steve Harvey hosted Lori's 23rd birthday party in January 2020.

 Marjorie and Steve Harvey have both expressed their admiration and support for Lori and her relationship with Michael B. Jordan.