Marjorie Harvey Kids Biological Father and Ex-Husbands

Marjorie Harvey's first husband and the biological father of Morgan and Jason is Jim Townsend.

Townsend was a drug dealer and was involved in criminal activities, which ultimately led to his arrest and imprisonment.

Marjorie divorced Townsend while he was in prison and later married another man, Donnell Woods, who adopted Morgan and Jason.

Woods was also involved in illegal activities and was sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking and money laundering.

Marjorie divorced Woods and moved on to marry Steve Harvey in 2007.

The biological father of Lori Harvey is reportedly a man named Donnell Jones.

Jones has not been publicly involved in Lori's life, and it is unclear whether he has had any contact with her.

Despite not being raised by their biological fathers, Morgan, Jason, and Lori have all been very close to Steve Harvey and consider him to be their father figure.