Marjorie Harvey Wedding Ring, Love By Steve Harvey

Marjorie Harvey's wedding ring is an enormous cushion-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

The ring is estimated to weigh between 25 and 40 carats and is valued at several million dollars.

The cushion-cut diamond is set in a white gold or platinum band, which is also encrusted with diamonds.

Marjorie's ring is designed to complement her engagement ring, which is also a cushion-cut diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds.

The setting of Marjorie's wedding ring is low-profile, making it more comfortable to wear and less likely to catch on clothing or other objects.

Marjorie often wears her wedding ring and engagement ring together, creating a stunning and eye-catching display of diamonds.

The design of Marjorie's wedding ring is classic and timeless, reflecting her taste for elegant and luxurious jewelry.