What are Marjorie Harvey's hobbies and interests outside of her professional life?

Fashion and style - She is passionate about fashion and has a keen eye for style. She often shares her outfits on social media and runs her own fashion blog.

Travel - She loves to explore different cultures and has traveled extensively around the world.

Philanthropy - She is actively involved in charitable causes and supports organizations that focus on education, health, and empowerment.

Cooking - She enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes. She also shares her culinary skills with her followers on social media.

Fitness - She believes in living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys working out regularly.

Beauty - She is interested in beauty and skincare and often shares her tips and tricks with her followers.

Reading - She is an avid reader and enjoys reading books on various topics, including fashion, beauty, and self-help.

Spending time with family - She values spending time with her family and often shares pictures of her children and grandchildren on social media.