Marjorie Harvey's role on "Steve Harvey Show"- Fact and Problem

Marjorie has frequently appeared as a co-host on her husband Steve Harvey's talk show, "Steve Harvey Show".

Marjorie is known for her luxurious lifestyle and fashion sense, and often offers tips and advice on lifestyle and fashion topics on the show.

Marjorie has also conducted guest interviews on the show, including with celebrities and influencers.

Marjorie has participated in comedy skits and segments on the show, bringing humor to the audience.

Marjorie has used her platform on the show to promote her philanthropic efforts, including her work with various non-profit organizations.

Marjorie has given viewers a behind-the-scenes look at her life and relationship with Steve Harvey on the show.

Marjorie has shared personal stories and experiences on the show, offering a more intimate look at her life.

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