McDonald's Is Offering McChicken Sandwiches for $1.01 August 15

McDonald’s is running a week of deals with back-to-school overtones in the middle of August.

The week of offers begins on August 15 with what is really McChicken a hundred and one

For this first deal, you can get a McChicken sandwich for $1.01 when you make a buy through the McDonald’s mobile app.

You’ll discover comparable offers with "class"-themed fees thru Thursday. Once all 4 days of reductions are completed, you can get a bonus perk for ideal attendance

If you redeem all 4 deals, you’ll get the possibility to get double reward points on one meal that you buy from August 22 thru the stop of the month

That run consists of a breakfast sandwich and espresso for $2.01 on Tuesday

Ten-piece order of McNuggets for $3.01 on Wednesday, or a Big Mac and fries for $4.01 on Thursday.

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