Meet Steve Harvey's Wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey- Interesting Facts

Marjorie Harvey is a fashion icon and has a reputation for her stylish and sophisticated sense of style.

She often shares her fashion choices and outfits on social media and has become an influencer in the fashion world.

Marjorie Harvey is a successful businesswoman and has launched several ventures, including a fashion and lifestyle blog and an online boutique.

Marjorie Harvey is known for her philanthropic work and has supported various charitable organizations and causes over the years

Including organizations focused on education, health, and poverty.

Marjorie Harvey is a popular lifestyle blogger and shares her insights on fashion, beauty, travel, and more on her blog, The Lady Loves Couture.

Marjorie Harvey is also an accomplished interior designer and has been featured in various design and architecture magazines

Marjorie Harvey is Steve Harvey's third wife, and the couple has been married since 2007.