Who were some of the people that influenced Steve Harvey during his childhood?

His mother - Harvey has spoken extensively about his mother's influence on his life. She taught him the importance of hard work, discipline, and faith

His father - Although his father was absent for most of his childhood, Harvey has said that he learned some valuable lessons from him about responsibility and the importance of being a man of your word

His grandfather - Harvey has described his grandfather as a tough but fair man who taught him the value of working hard and being honest

Redd Foxx - Harvey was a huge fan of comedian Redd Foxx and credits him with inspiring him to pursue a career in comedy

Richard Pryor - Another comedian who had a big influence on Harvey, Pryor's work helped him develop his own comedic style

Muhammad Ali - Harvey was inspired by Ali's confidence and his willingness to stand up for what he believed in

Oprah Winfrey - Harvey has spoken about the impact that Oprah Winfrey's success had on him, inspiring him to believe that he could achieve his own dreams