Olivia’s answer horrifies Steve Harvey - Family Feud

While hosting a game show, Steve Harvey asks Olivia, a contestant, a seemingly innocuous question

Olivia gives a shocking and horrifying answer to the question, leaving Steve Harvey, the audience, and fellow contestants stunned

Steve Harvey, known for his expressive reactions, is visibly horrified and taken aback by Olivia's response

Following the shocking answer, there is a brief moment of awkward silence on the set, as everyone tries to process what just happened

Steve Harvey, trying to regain control of the situation, attempts to make light of the answer with humor or downplaying its intensity

The audience is also shocked by Olivia's response but eventually laughs nervously or uncomfortably, unsure of how to react

Despite the uncomfortable moment, the game show continues, and the incident becomes a memorable, albeit cringeworthy, moment from the episode

The clip of Olivia's horrifying answer and Steve Harvey's reaction becomes a viral sensation on social media