Steve and Marjorie Harvey Love Story, is it Over in 2023? 

Steve and Marjorie first met in Memphis, Tennessee in the late 1980s when Marjorie was attending college.

However, they didn't start dating until many years later, in 2005, when Steve spotted Marjorie at a comedy club in Memphis and asked her out.

Their relationship was initially long-distance as Steve was living in Los Angeles and Marjorie in Memphis.

Steve proposed to Marjorie on her birthday in 2006, and they got married in a private ceremony in 2007 in Maui, Hawaii.

After their marriage, Marjorie became a stepmother to Steve's four children from his previous marriages.

Steve and Marjorie have faced challenges in their marriage, including a brief separation in 2011, but they worked through their issues and renewed their vows in 2014.

Today, Steve and Marjorie are known for their strong and loving relationship

They often share their advice on marriage and relationships with their followers.