Steve and Marjorie Harvey relationship challenges they face?

Steve and Marjorie Harvey's relationship has been subject to rumors of separation in the past.

Steve's busy schedule as a talk show host and comedian has been one of the challenges in their relationship.

The couple's relationship has often been the subject of media speculation, which can put a strain on any relationship.

Like many couples, Steve and Marjorie face the challenge of balancing their family life with their professional careers.

Despite the challenges they face, the couple has worked hard to maintain a strong bond and keep their relationship intact.

Steve and Marjorie have had to learn how to deal with rumors and negative publicity about their relationship.

Like any couple, they face the normal ups and downs of a long-term relationship and must navigate the difficulties that come with it.

The couple is said to have a strong support system and seek advice and guidance from their family, friends, and mentors