Steve Harvey Morning Show live, Effect of Marjorie

Radio show: The Steve Harvey Morning Show is a nationally syndicated radio show that airs in the United States.

Host: The show is hosted by Steve Harvey, a comedian, actor, and television personality.

Format: The show features a mix of comedy, celebrity interviews, music, and current events.

Co-hosts: Harvey is joined by a team of co-hosts, including Shirley Strawberry, Carla Ferrell, and Junior, who provide additional commentary and perspective.

Broadcasting: The show is broadcast live from Atlanta, Georgia, and airs on weekday mornings on a variety of radio stations.

Popularity: The show has a large and devoted following, with millions of listeners tuning in each day to hear Harvey and his team.

The show includes a variety of recurring segments, such as "Strawberry Letter" (where listeners write in for advice)

"Junior's Sports Report" (a comedic take on sports news), and "Miss Carla's Reality Update" (a review of reality TV shows).