"Strawberry Letter" segment of the Steve Harvey Morning Show?

The "Strawberry Letter" is a segment on the Steve Harvey Morning Show where listeners write in for advice on their personal relationships and dilemmas.

The name "Strawberry Letter" comes from the Isley Brothers' song "Footsteps in the Dark," which features the line "

Steve Harvey reads the letters on air and gives his opinion and advice on the situation.

The letters cover a wide range of topics, from cheating spouses to overbearing in-laws to relationship conflicts with friends.

The writers are anonymous, and Steve and his co-hosts give them a pseudonym to protect their privacy.

The segment is popular with listeners, who often call in to give their own advice and opinions on the letters.

The "Strawberry Letter" has been a regular feature on the Steve Harvey Morning Show since 2008.

The segment has inspired a book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,"