"Strawberry Letter": A segment where listeners write in for advice on their relationships, which is read and discussed by the hosts

 "Ask Steve": A segment where listeners can call in and ask Steve Harvey for his advice on any topic.

 "J. Anthony Brown's Murdered Hit": A segment where comedian J. Anthony Brown rewrites popular songs with a humorous twist.

"Junior's Poetry": A segment where co-host Junior shares his original comedic poetry

"Harvey's Heroes": A segment where Steve Harvey recognizes and honors everyday people who are making a positive impact in their communities.

"Church Complaints": A segment where the hosts playfully complain about humorous issues within their churches

"The Celebrity Snitch": A segment where comedian Huggy Lowdown shares his comedic take on the latest celebrity news and gossip

 "Trending Topics": A segment where the hosts discuss and give their opinions on the latest news and trends in pop culture and entertainment.