The Role of Steve Harvey's on Family Feud?

Steve Harvey is the host of Family Feud, a popular television game show that features two families competing to guess the most popular answers to survey questions.

As the host, Harvey is responsible for introducing the show, explaining the rules, and guiding the contestants through each round of the game.

He also provides comedic commentary and engages in playful banter with the contestants and audience members.

Harvey is known for his exaggerated facial expressions and humorous reactions to the contestants' answers.

In addition to his hosting duties, Harvey also serves as an executive producer on the show.

He works closely with the show's writers and producers to develop new questions and challenges for the contestants.

Harvey's involvement in the show has helped to make Family Feud one of the most popular and enduring game shows on television.

His engaging personality and comedic timing have made him a fan favorite among viewers and a vital part of the show's success.