The science behind Ouija boards - Secrets about Ouija boards.

A Ouija board is a device used to communicate with the dead.

What are Ouija boards?

These boards also usually have the words "yes" and "no" written on them. Some can also contain the words "hello" and "goodbye."

There is usually an additional piece. Traditionally a planchette holding a pencil was used. Spirits in contact would use it to write down messages.

How do they work?

Ouija boards as we known them were popularized by Spiritualists in the United States in the late 19th century.

Where do they come from?

before the birth of the Ouija boards most of us are familiar with, there were other similar devices. The first record dates back to 1100 CE China.

The ancient Chinese system of automatic writing was called fuji, or "planchette writing."

Ouija boards have been part of pop culture for many years

Ouija boards and similar devices might, after all, be useful in the study of our brain and the link between our conscious and non-conscious thought processes.

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