Top Google Chrome Extensions for Online Safety and Security

After installing AdBlock Plus, you should be able to surf the web without the same types of intrusive ads that bothered you in the past.

After installation, the extension will automatically try to prevent any malicious or unwanted content and activity from impacting your browser.

This Chrome extension aims to block third-party cookies and hidden trackers, prevents sites from fingerprinting you to obtain specific details about your browser and system, forces all sites to use HTTPS encryption, and sets your default search engine to DuckDuckGo(Opens in a new window).

Trend Micro Check

Trend Micro Check(Opens in a new window) analyzes each website you visit for different types of suspicious or harmful content. It will block unwanted and annoying ads

Disconnect(Opens in a new window) shows you the names of specific web trackers for each site you visit and lets you block them from snooping on you.

Privacy Badger(Opens in a new window) tries to save you from all this work by learning which sites attempt to track you and then blocking that content.

Remove pages stored in the cache, run a privacy check, and scan for malware.