Steve Harvey has been accused of making insensitive comments about various groups, including women, the LGBTQ+ community

He faced criticism for meeting with President Trump in 2017 and for supporting Ben Carson's bid for the presidency in 2016

Steve has been involved in several legal disputes over the years, including a high-profile divorce from his second wife, Mary Shackelford

His ex-wife Mary accused him of infidelity, physical abuse, and emotional distress, which Steve denied

Steve's stepson, Jason Harvey, was arrested in 2019 for alleged possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

His daughter Lori Harvey was arrested in 2019 for a hit and run accident, but the charges were later dropped

Steve faced backlash in 2019 for comments he made about the Flint water crisis, suggesting that it was not a "real" issue

He was criticized for making a joke about the Miss Universe pageant mistake in 2015, which he hosted and announced the wrong winner