What challenges Marjorie and Steve Harvey have faced in their relationship?

Marjorie is 9 years older than Steve, which may have initially caused some challenges in their relationship.

Both Marjorie and Steve had been previously married, which can sometimes bring up issues related to trust and past experiences.

Steve had children from his previous marriages, and Marjorie also had children.

The blending of their families may have presented some challenges in terms of parenting and family dynamics.

As a well-known public figure, Steve and his relationship with Marjorie have been under intense public scrutiny

Steve's busy schedule as a comedian and TV host, and Marjorie's involvement in various philanthropic and business ventures

Like any couple, Marjorie and Steve may have had personal differences that they needed to work through over the course of their relationship.

In 2017, Marjorie was diagnosed with a benign tumor in her pituitary gland, which required surgery.