What is Marjorie Harvey's profession or career? In 2023

Fashionista: Marjorie Harvey is known for her impeccable sense of style and is a well-respected fashion blogger and influencer.

Entrepreneur: She runs her own luxury fashion and accessories brand called The Lady Loves Couture.

Philanthropist: She is involved in various charitable causes and organizations and is known for her philanthropic work.

Wife and Mother: She is a devoted wife to Steve Harvey and a mother to their blended family of seven children.

Socialite: She is often seen at high-profile events and parties and is considered a prominent socialite.

Travel Enthusiast: Marjorie Harvey enjoys traveling and frequently shares photos and stories from her trips on social media.

Television Personality: She has appeared on various television shows, including her husband's talk show, Steve Harvey.

Inspirational Speaker: Marjorie Harvey is a motivational speaker who uses her life experiences to inspire and empower women.