What is Marjorie Harvey's role in Lori Harvey's life and career?

Motherly guidance: As Lori Harvey's mother, Marjorie Harvey provides emotional support

Role model: Marjorie serves as a role model for Lori, demonstrating qualities such as strength

Career advice: With her experience in the fashion industry

Networking opportunities: Marjorie's connections in the fashion and entertainment industries have provided Lori with networking opportunities

Style influence: Marjorie's impeccable sense of style has had a significant influence on Lori's fashion choices

Emotional support: Marjorie is a constant source of emotional support for Lori, helping her navigate the ups and downs of life in the public eye

Advocacy: As a proud and supportive mother, Marjorie uses her platform to celebrate and promote Lori's accomplishments

Life balance: Marjorie helps Lori maintain a healthy balance between her personal life and career