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What happened to Wendy Williams’s heartbroken son Kevin?

Wendy Williams has worked in radio and television in addition to acting in a number of movies and TV episodes. In addition to her autobiography, “Wendy’s Got the Heat,” she has written several other novels, including the romantic novel “Hold Me in Contempt.” Williams has also participated in a number of charitable endeavours, such as work with the American Heart Association and the Hunter Foundation, which supports those who are battling addiction.

Wendy Williams:-

American media personality, novelist, and actress Wendy Williams. In Asbury Park, New Jersey, on July 18, 1964, she was created. Williams began her career as a radio host before transitioning to television hosting. Her talk show “The Wendy Williams Show,” which aired from 2008 until 2021, helped her become well-known across the country. Williams has drawn criticism for her outspoken, frequently contentious beliefs and for being a lightning rod for them.

She has drawn criticism for remarks she has made about several celebrities as well as for what some consider to be her lack of sensitivity to particular groups of people. Williams has retained a sizable fan base and received recognition for her services to the entertainment business despite the controversy. Overall, Wendy Williams has had a successful media career and has developed into a divisive public figure.

About Heartbroken Son Kevin:-

Heartbreak is a challenging emotion to handle, especially when it involves losing a loved one. A person who has experienced heartbreak may feel bewildered, perplexed, and overpowered. The loss of a loved one may be more painful in Kevin’s case because he is a broken-hearted son.

One of the most traumatic events in a person’s life is losing a parent, and the loss can be felt intensely for years. It’s possible that Kevin is having a hard time accepting his loss and the fact that his parent is no longer living with him. He can experience overwhelming grief and be unable to get over the hurt.

Kevin needs to take care of his physical and mental needs right now. He could find it beneficial to ask for aid from his loved ones and friends, as well as from a therapist or grief counsellor who can assist him in processing his feelings and dealing with his sense of loss.

Additionally, developing healthy coping strategies like working out, keeping a blog, or taking up a hobby might help you cope with the pain of sorrow. It’s crucial to keep in mind that healing requires time and that there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

In the end, Kevin must be kind and patient with himself as he makes his way through this trying period. He can work towards recovery and regaining his inner peace with the correct assistance and self-care.

wendy williams son kevin

Kevin Williams has not heard from Wendy Williams Due to:-

When a person hasn’t heard from a loved one in a while, especially if it’s someone they typically speak to frequently, it might be troubling. Wendy Williams hasn’t contacted Kevin Williams in this instance, though it’s unclear why.

There are a few reasons Kevin might not have heard from Wendy. One option is that Wendy may be preoccupied and unable to speak because of her personal problems. These could include everything from health issues to relationship issues to money worries. It’s also conceivable that Wendy is now out of the office or otherwise unavailable for communication.

Another scenario is that Wendy is unable to reach Kevin due to a communication breakdown or a technical problem. She might have forgotten to tell Kevin about a change in her email address or phone number, for instance, or her phone could be out of commission. It’s also possible that network problems or technical difficulties with the messaging platform are the cause of Kevin’s messages to Wendy not reaching her.Whatever Wendy’s silence may be about, Kevin needs to take action to protect her safety and wellbeing. He might attempt getting in touch with people they have in common to ask whether they’ve heard from Wendy or know where she is.

He could also try calling neighbourhood authorities to check on Wendy’s welfare. In any scenario, Kevin must maintain patience and composure while he tries to contact Wendy. She might get in touch with him soon if there’s a clear explanation for her silence. Kevin might need to be ready to help Wendy as she navigates whatever difficulties she faces, though, if there are deeper concerns at play.

Wendy Williams’ son was evicted, but why?

Due to his mother’s mental health issues, Wendy Williams’ son was forced to move out of his $2 million Miami apartment after failing to make rent payments since February.

Kevin Hunter Jr.’s legal issues could have played a role in his eviction. He is accused of hitting his father, Kevin Hunter Sr., in the face and was detained for assault in 2019. According to reports, the event happened during a dispute on Kevin Hunter Sr.’s ongoing relationship with another lady. It’s probable that his financial problems and eventual eviction were caused in part by the legal costs related to this occurrence and any other legal problems he could have been facing.

Finally, it is important to remember that Kevin Hunter Jr. and his mother Wendy Williams have had a tumultuous relationship over the years. The reasons for Kevin Hunter Jr.’s eviction remain unclear, although there are a number of potential causes that could have exacerbated the problem. Financial hardships, legal issues, and a tense relationship with his mother are all potential contributing reasons. Although it is unknown how Kevin Hunter Jr. is doing right now, we wish him luck in his future endeavours.

Wendy Williams Son Kevin Hunter Heartbroken
Wendy Williams Son Kevin Hunter Heartbroken

What happened to Wendy Williams’s heartbroken son?

Popular American television anchor Wendy Williams has had a rocky personal life lately, including a highly public divorce from her spouse Kevin Hunter in 2019. Kevin Hunter Jr., the couple’s son, has also been dealing with personal problems of his own.

According to a report from 2020, Kevin Hunter Jr. was detained for assault following an argument with his father. Reports state that Kevin Jr. was allegedly put in a headlock by his father after trying to break up a fight between his parents. Then, Kevin Jr. allegedly hit his father in the nose out of self-preservation.

Kevin Jr. was devastated by this tragedy and was having emotional difficulties. Despite the tumultuous relationship between his parents, he had always felt connected to his father. Following the incident, Kevin Jr. apparently felt distraught and as though he had let both of his parents down.

Kevin Jr. has made an effort to advance and put his own well-being first despite the stress in his home life. He has been pursuing a music career and has even made some SoundCloud song releases. He discussed how music has been a therapeutic avenue for him, helping him to vent his emotions and work through his grief, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

In terms of their friendship and how she has helped him through this challenging period, Kevin Jr. has noted that he and his mother, Wendy Williams, have a tight relationship. 2020: He stated, “My mum is doing really well, and she’s been really supportive of everything that’s been going on with me.”

Although Kevin Jr.’s family’s future is uncertain, it is obvious that he has experienced a lot recently. Despite the difficulties he has encountered, he appears committed to overcoming them and pursuing his goals.

Wendy Williams
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 10: Wendy Williams (L) officially unveils her Madame Tussauds wax figure at Madame Tussauds New York on May 10, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Madame Tussauds New York)

Wendy Williams’ son, what did he say about her?

Kevin Hunter Jr., the son of Wendy Williams, has previously opened up about his connection with his mother. Kevin Jr. spoke about his tight relationship with his mother in a 2019 interview with Hollywood Life, despite their historical disparities.

He admitted that although there have been hard patches in their relationship, they have always been able to work through them and come out the other side stronger. He also discussed the difficulties of having a mother who is a well-known television personality and growing up in the spotlight.

Kevin Jr. emphasised in the interview his admiration for his mother’s work ethic and her capacity to overcome adversity. He also revealed that he had just left his mother’s house and was now concentrating on his own professional objectives.

The majority of Kevin Jr.’s remarks about his mother were complimentary and encouraging. Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, it is obvious that they are deeply in love with one another and have a strong link.


Kevin has been working hard to finish his final year of school, but dealing with all that is happening with his mother has been difficult, they said.

Kevin Jr. has been by his mother’s side during her health issues, as RadarOnline.com has reported. When Wendy missed the season debut of her talk show in 2021, problems started to emerge. She missed the remainder of her season after being admitted to the hospital for a psychiatric assessment. She has since been replaced. After being cut off from his mother’s fortune, Wendy Williams’ son was kicked out of a $2 million Miami flat.
Talk show host Wendy Williams was spotted in Miami with her son Kevin Hunter Jr. and was carrying a salad and smoothie as she made a recovery.
While the talk show host’s return to the small screen is in limbo, Wendy Williams’ 21-Year-Old Son Kevin Jr. is still having fun in Florida. Wendy was shown struggling to restore her health, with Kevin Jr. by her side. The mother-son pair could be seen laughing as they strolled down the beach in a video Wendy later shared on Instagram following his hospitalisation.

According to sources, Kevin Jr. threatened to leave his mother if she didn’t improve a year ago. Wendy’s relationship with Kevin Jr. has been difficult, the insider continued. He made sources have revealed that while Kevin and the former The Wendy Williams Show host are on friendly terms these days, that doesn’t mean that they’re together. As one source exclusively explained: “Kevin has been supportive of her and is helping her, but it’s not true that they are getting back together.”

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