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Relationship beginning:

Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey, and Michael B. Jordan, a renowned actor, began dating in late 2020. They first sparked dating rumors when they were spotted together during the Thanksgiving holiday in Atlanta. They maintained a low profile and avoided discussing their relationship in public

Instagram official: On January 10, 2021, the couple went Instagram official, with both Lori and Michael sharing pictures of each other on their respective accounts. This marked the beginning of their public relationship, as they began sharing more moments of their life together on social media.

Birthday celebrations: Michael B. Jordan made sure to make Lori’s 24th birthday special in January 2021. He rented out an aquarium for a private tour and had dinner set up in one of the underwater tunnels, creating a magical atmosphere

lori harvey and machale b oran in aone frame
Lori Harvey

Valentine’s Day: The couple celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together in February 2021. Michael pulled out all the stops for the occasion, renting out an entire mansion and filling it with flowers, candles, and a romantic dinner setting. The extravagant gesture further solidified their status as a power couple

Public outings: Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan continued to make headlines with their public appearances. They attended several high-profile events together, such as the 2021 Oscars, where Michael was a presenter, and various fashion shows during New York Fashion Week

Support for each other’s careers: Throughout their relationship, both Lori and Michael showed support for each other’s careers. Lori attended the premiere of Michael’s film “Without Remorse” in April 2021, while Michael often shared his admiration for Lori’s modeling work and her partnership with the skincare brand SKN by LH

Family approval: Both families seemed to be supportive of the relationship. Steve Harvey publicly expressed his approval of Michael, stating in interviews that he liked him and thought he was a “nice guy.” Meanwhile, Michael’s family also appeared to get along well with Lori

Relationship milestones: As their relationship progressed, the couple shared more of their life together with fans. They celebrated holidays, vacations, and other milestones, such as their one-year anniversary in November 2021. They consistently posted heartfelt messages and images on social media, demonstrating their love for one another

Breakup rumors: In mid-2022, rumors began circulating that the couple had split up. Neither Lori nor Michael publicly addressed the speculation, but they appeared to spend less time together, and their social media posts became less frequent

Breakup confirmation: In early 2023, it was confirmed that Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan had ended their relationship. The reason for the breakup was not disclosed, but the couple reportedly parted on amicable terms, with both parties wishing each other the best in their future endeavors. The two-year relationship was marked by love, support, and mutual admiration

Privacy: Throughout their relationship, Lori and Michael valued their privacy and were known to be quite selective about the information they shared publicly. This allowed them to maintain a healthy balance between their public and private lives

machale b jordan and lori harvey ner 2
Lori Harvey

Fashion statements: The couple frequently made headlines for their impeccable style and fashion-forward appearances at red-carpet events and other occasions. They often coordinated their outfits, showcasing their excellent taste and complementing each other

Charity work: Both Lori and Michael have been involved in charitable endeavors, and they often used their platform to raise awareness for various causes. They attended charity events together, further cementing their status as a socially conscious couple

Couple’s interviews: During their relationship, Lori and Michael occasionally participated in joint interviews, where they discussed their love for one another and their shared interests. These interviews offered fans a glimpse into their life as a couple and provided insights into their strong bond

Shared hobbies and interests: Lori and Michael discovered common ground in various areas, such as their love for animals, fashion, and sports. They frequently posted pictures and videos of their adventures together, demonstrating their strong connection

Friends’ support: The couple’s friends were supportive of their relationship, often sharing pictures and stories on social media that showcased their fondness for Lori and Michael. This support from their inner circle further highlighted the strength of their bond

Career growth: While they were together, both Lori and Michael experienced significant growth in their respective careers. Lori’s modeling and entrepreneurial ventures expanded, while Michael starred in high-profile films and branched out into producing and directing

Social media presence: As a couple, Lori and Michael were active on social media, engaging with fans and sharing glimpses of their life together. Their strong online presence contributed to their popularity as a celebrity couple

jordan and lori
Lori Harvey

Love language: The couple often shared their love languages on social media, displaying how they expressed and received love. Their openness about their emotional connection allowed fans to appreciate the depth of their bond

Post-breakup life: Although Lori and Michael’s relationship ended, they continue to maintain successful careers and are still admired by fans. Both individuals have moved forward and are focused on their personal and professional growth. The impact of their relationship remains a significant part of their public personas, and their time together will likely be remembered for years to come

By Biju Samal

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