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Computer Networking

Networking is the effective process of interacting with others to exchange information and developing social contact. Networking is basically divided into 2 type-

1-Computer networking

2-Social networking


Computer networking is the process of communication between a group of computer that linked together to share their data, resource, application, etc. These network are categorized on the basis of their size. These are:-





What is basic computer
1.Personal Area Network(PAN)

Thomas Zimmerman was the scientist who brings the idea about Persona Area Network. It is a computer network that formed around a person .PAN covers an area about 10-15 meter . Personal device such as mobile , laptop ,headphone , printer are used to develop personal Area Network.

PAN is also divided into 2 type-


A-Wired Personal Area Network

This type of PAN was created by using USB(Universal Serial Bus).


B-Wireless Personal Area Network

It is developed by using wireless technology such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi .The Area of this network is very low , extending from a single room to an entire office.


2.local Area Network(LAN)

LAN is a type of computer network that inter-connect computer or mobiles with in a limited area (about 1 km).This network can be used in a office , building , school or in a university . All the terminal of this network are connected to main computer called a server .LAN is less costly as compared to WAN because it is made up with inexpensive hardware such as ethernet cable ,coaxial cable, twisted pair , network adaptor .In LAN the data transfer is super fast .This network provide higher security .LAN is also divided into 3 type-

1.star LAN

2.Bus LAN

3.Ring LAN


3.Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)

It is a computer network that are designed for a communication between small region ( up to 50 km ) such as a town or city .This type of Network is larger than LAN. Its main purpose is to share software and hardware resource among various users eg. TV cable network.


4.Wide Area Network(WAN)

WAN is a type of Network that interconnect Computers or Mobiles in a wide geographical area. This network can used to connect different states or country .WAN is bigger than MAN. The set up and maintenance fee of WAN is also more than MAN . WAN is also classified into several type-

1.Public Network (PN)

2.Public Service Digital Network (PSDN)

3.Value Added Network (VAN)

4. Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN )

Some other type of network


A.VPN(Virtual Private Network)

A VPN gives online privacy by creating a private network from a public internet connection .It provide greater security than a secured hotspot .


B. Enterprise Private network(EPN)

This is a networking system built by an enterprise to interconnect various company sites.


social networking:-

It is a type of networking by which we interact and communicate with people across the globe with the help of online tools .


There could be various ways of interaction and exchange of information such as –

a. Audio chat

b. E-mail

c. Video Chat

d. Social networking website like face Nbook , whatsapp , telegram , orkut ,twitter etc .

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