effective condition for transfer of learning

Effective Conditions of Learning

Most of the school subjects are taught because of their transfer value. Transfer is not automatic. It should be planned.Suggestions to Achieve Maximum Transfer in the Classroom:

1. Method of Teaching

(i) Method of Teaching is an important factor in securing transfer from classroom situations to life situations.

(ii) Since transfer takes place through the medium of common components and generalizations, effective teaching should see that identical components are identified and their relationships should be pointed out to students.

(iii) Mathematics should be taught so that the logic inherent in it stands out clearly, Language should be taught so that relationship of language with general linguistic structure is clearly identified.

2: Varied Curriculum Material

Varied Curriculum material related with life makes it possible to enrich the associations of principles underlying various activities.

3. Large Number of Examples

A variety of well chosen examples and illustrations frequently provide for better results. We should correlate teaching with life.

4. Develop Generalizations

Develop generalization which extend to other situations. To generalize is to summarize what is common to a number of principles, ideas and situations. Generalizations formulated by pupils themselves in their own words, are more useful and appropriate.

5. Understand Generalization

The good teacher should keep in mind that for greatest transfer, the generalizations should be thoroughly mastered and completely understood.

6. Wide Opportunity for Applications of Generalizations

Provide for the varied applications of generalization. This would increase the through of learning and enhance Meaningfulness understanding and completeness of knowledge. To secure this every word of the formula or principle should be understood. They must be defined, illustrated and discussed thoroughly. 

Varied application of a principle, skill or concept makes it possible for a learner to grasp the possibility of their applications and to discover more effective work methods

7. Subjects with Transfer Value

It should be kept-in mind that various school subjects differ in transfer value. There is positive transfer from Mathematics to sciences. History and English literature have zero transfer value.

8. Intelligence and Transfer

The teacher should also bear in mind the important relation of intelligence to transfer. It is easier for a child of high grade intelligence to generalize than for a less gifted similarity.

9. Attitude of Transferability

We should build up mental sets and alertness in the minds of students for continually Making new applications of the principles learnt.

10. Teach for Transfer

The best process to ensure transfer is to express for it. We should teach for transfer. There should be a purposeful effort on the part of the teacher to secure definite values.



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