What is Forgetting Causes and Suggestion


(i) Forgetting is the normal phenomenon of our day to day life. It is the negative phase of memory. It is the failure to recall experience and is generally taken as a mark of poor memory.

(ii) No liquid things happen in our life and the learner may be taught a larger number of facts. But all things and, facts may not necessarily be’ remembered. 

(iii) Judicious forgetting is essential unit it. It is a boon, not a curse. It is a good sign that unimportant facts are sooner forgotten and more important ones are retained.

(iv) Forgetting, in fact is grace of out mental make-up 

(v) The first ever significant study of the phenomenon of forgetting was made by Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist. ‘His amazing monograph entitled memory-a Contribution to Experimental Psychology in 1885 revealed brilliant facts about remembering and forgetting and few students after a generation found a memory problem not already investigated by Ebbinghaus

(B) Causes Of Forgetting 

A number of causes may be enlisted from daily life, which leads to forgetting. These are mentioned below:

1. Fading Memory Traces 

During the process of memori-zation, certain memory traces are formed. If the skill learnt or the material remembered is not used for a long time, it may lead to fading or decay of those memory traces. Consequently, the skill or materia learnt may be forgotten.

2. Lapse of Time. 

Lapse of time is another cause of forgetting. Ebbingaus also found that undue lapse of time was the cause of forgetting. It has been found that within 24 hours about 65 percent of the material is forgtten and by the end of the sixth day, there is loss of 75 percent material. Forgetting is rapid immediately after remembering hastaken place. Its rate slows down with the passage of time.

3. Lack of Interest. 

Forced learning is easily forgotten whenever there is lack of interest in learning certain activity or material and whenever certain information is thrust upon the child, he is naturally to forget it. For example, if a child has not genuine interest for learning mathematics and he is forced to learn it, he will soon forget than to remember it.

4. Emotional Disturbance and Repression.

Strong emotional disturbance as a result of fear, nervousress or excitement may block the recall of past experience.


What is Forgetting Causes and Suggestion
What Is Forgetting,Causes and Suggestion


1. Revision. 

Fading memory traces can be retained by revision. Revision of the learnt material and the application of facts or skill learnt should be taken up immediately after learning. Thorndike’s law of effect is quite helpful in this regard. Good original impressions coupled with judicious repetition give good results of memory.

2. Motivation. 

Lack of interest can be supplanted by motivating the child. The teacher and parents should create genuine interest in the child for learning the desired material. This will result in better retention. It is good to always look to the genuioe needs and interests of the Child.

3. Time-gap between two Learning Activities.

Give some time gap between the two learning activities. New material should be presented a little after the impressions of the first have settled in the brain.

4 . Let the child have no fear.

Let the child have no fear or nervousness when you want him to remember facts at a particular occasion. Give him kind treatment and give him a word of appreciation when you find him going nervous.


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