what is Generation of Computer

What is Generation of Computer

The History of Computer development is often referred to the different generation of computer device. Each computer generation is characterising by a better technology that change the way of computer operator, configuration, more powerful, efficient  , and reliable.

what is computer
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First Generation (1948-1955) [Vacuum tube]

  Invented by J.P.Eckert and J.W. Mauchy

The first generation computer used vacuum tubes, a fragile glass device, which used filaments as a source of electronics and could control and amplify electric signals

Features of First  Generation

  • At that time ,it was the fastest calculating device.
  • It was also large in size and required large room for installation.
  • Thousand of vacuum tubes are used that produce large amount of heat,So it was installed where in cool place .
  • Power consumption ar very high
  • These computer are require large amount of compoments
  • Input are based on punched cards and paper tape ,and out put was displayed on printout.

Example of first Generation of Computer


Second Generation (1955-1964)[Transistor ]

Invented by J.Bardeen ,W. Shockley & W.Brattain

In this generation were used transistor.Transisitor invented in 1947 & these became replace ment of vacuum tubes.

What is basic computer

Feature of second generation 

  • They were much faster of the Second generation computer
  • These were of a smaller size and thus require less space
  • They were easier to programme and hence had a wider use in commercial places.
  • These computer too required lot of component to be assembled manually hence it was difficult to have large production

Third Generation  (1964-1975)[Integrated Circuit (I.C)]

 Invented by Jack St. Clair Kilby & Robert Noyce

IC invented in 1958 and also other components .These computer is reliable and smallest. Integrated circuit developed in this generation of computer

Feature of third generation

  • These are more powerful than second generation computer
  • Cable performing about Million instruction per second
  • It smaller than second generation of computer
  • Require less space
  • It was faster and larger primary and secondary storage device compare to upper version
  • Suitable for both commercial and scientific use
  • Batch operating was replaced by time sharing system

Example of third generation of computer

IBM 3608370,CDC6600, Etc

Fourth Generation  (1975-1989)
[ Microprocesss ]

Invented by Macintosh

This generation of computer are better service another previous generation computer .in 1981,IBM introduced its fast  computer for the home user. It did not require much air-conditioning and uses less electricity .It generate less heat.

Feature of Fourth Generation

  • CRT screen, laser and inject printer, scanners, etc where developed.
  • LAN and WANS were developed
  • Semiconductor memory chips were used as a main memory
  • Secondary memory was composed of hard disks
  • Introduce graphics user interface
  • Operations became much faster
  • High performance ,lower cost and very compact in size

Fifth Generation  (1989)
[Artificial intelligence ]

A vast ocean of information has become readily available to computer users through the World Wide Web.

Feature of fifth generation

  • Portable laptops are much smaller and easy to handle than fourth generation computer.
  • It is less power consumption
  • They much faster & have large storage both primary and secondary
  • With the usage of the ULSI (Ultra large scale integration)
  • These computer can be made short periods of time
  • Being cheaper ,more people are buying and using them.

Six generation of computer (2016)
[voice recognition]

In this generation improved the motherboard and silicon footprint decreases and the speed, power and memory power increases. Transistors opened the door to faster processing

7th Genation of computer (2017)
  1. Core Up to 4K UHD video streaming
  2. All Day 4K battery life (9.5hr)1
  3. 4 hours video battery life2
  4. 75X longer video battery life (7hr)2 View multiple video streams simultaneously, up to 4K
  5. Support for additional formats of 4K 360 content streams….more


Computer virus is a piece of codes that are designed to damage computer by destroying data corrupting files ,stealing password, data etc. It is like a human virus, has the property to replicate itself and it can also spread from one computer device to another device . Computer virus can not spread without programming such as document or file.

2-Computer Networking

Networking is the effective process of interacting with others to exchange information and developing social contact. Networking is basically divided into 2 type-1-Computer networking ,2-Social networking

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