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Meaning of Open Educational Resources:-

Open Educational Resources are very useful for teaching, learning, and evaluating. It is widely used for research purposes. ait can be easily developed and maintained by the teachers, instructors researchers, and students. It is very significant for open learning systems and distance learning systems. For delivering excellent teaching in the classroom, it is very useful.

It was developed in 2002 through UNESCO for the development of higher education. The open educational resource is freely accessible, openly licensed text, Structurally useful for teaching, etc. According to Wikipedia. OER as digital materials that can be reused for teaching. Learning and research work that allows uses of the material that world is not easily permitted under copyright alone.

Open Educational Resources
Open Educational Resources

Nature of Open Educational Resources:-

1. It is a basic guide.
2. It is a digital resource.
3. It produces innovative thoughts in the mind of the individual.
4. It covers both uses of reuse repurposing and modification of the resources.
5. It includes free use for educational purposes by the teacher and learner.
6. It encompasses all types of digital media.
7. It is a public domain that is open for all.
8. It is referred to as educational adapting & sharing.
9. It gives a wide variety of materials from which to build a class.

Purpose of Open Educational Resources:-

1. To support the practicing teaching in their professional development.
2. To support the practicing teacher in the development of a classroom teaching program.
3. To engage the teacher for delivering satisfactory teaching toward the learner
4. To help the teacher for delivering the curricular activities on a continuous basis.
4. To make quality curricular resources available to all high school teachers.


Important of Open Educational Resources(OER):-

1. Open Educational Resources are a way to make sure every student has access to course material with the cost taken out of the education.
2. OER is useful in improving education across the globe.
3. It offers free access to some of the world`s best courses.
4. OER allows us to bring excellent teaching-learning materials into our educational system.
5. It offers equal access to knowledge and re-usability.
6. It provides self-paced learning.
7. It offers flexibility in study time i.e anywhere and any time the learner can study.
8. It provides access to a huge amount of study materials.
9. It’s accessible and affordable for all
10. It helps in the enhancement of content knowledge.
11. OER are adaptable and allow others to reproduce them for their use.
12. It helps in advancing knowledge and widening participation.
13. OER helps in one`s own professional advancement for teaching.
14. It promotes lifelong learning.
15. It constructs the gap among formal. informal and non-formal education.
16. It offers for sharing and reusing resources.
17. OER promotes informal learning

Open Educational Resources
Open Educational Resources

Merits of Open Educational Resources:-

1. Test books and course materials are free to students.
2. instruction can be picked up, what the students want to use for their course.
3. Every instruction can remix and reuse according to the content.
4. It creat collaborative attitudes among the people.
5. Content of material may be more than textbooks.

Demerits of Open Educational Resources:-

1. There exists inconsistent quality control.
2. There exists inconsistency across the content area within aspect discipline.
3. It is not helpful on web-based resources for solving the potential problems.
4. There is an unrealistic expectation from the administrators.
5. It takes more time which is not applicable for the teachers.

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