What is Sentence and type of Sentence
What is sentence and type of sentence

8 parts of speech sentences examples

why are you learn english


English is nothing , just a language that was 1st spoken by people of England(British).The term ‘English‘ is derived from “Anglisc” -he is one of the 3 Germanic people that capture England during 5th century .The word’ Grammar’ comes from Greek word ” Grammatike ” which means “art of letters” .The term ‘alphabet’ is made by the combination of two Greek letter ‘alpha’ & ‘beta’ .English alphabet have 26 letter. among them 21 are consonant and 5 are vowel. It is the primary language of United kingdom(UK) , United states(US) ,  New Zealand , Australia & some other country .It is also used in bilingual , trilingual country such as India , Singapore , South Africa , Philippines , Nigeria etc. April 23 is known as English language day .Because this is Shakespeare’s birthday . He has great impact on modern day English . so his birth day was celebrated as this day.


In India , Mejority of people speek Hindi . some people thought that a person who is speaking Hindi is illiterate . But this is not true. knowledge can’t measure through any language . But in modern era knowing English is important because it develop your personality . A person who knows better English has more chance to getting job in different company . it is also the language of internet , so if you know English , you can use it easily . Interviewer ask question in English . if you know English then you can travel anywhere in the world . You can know the culture of different people . so you have to learn English .

But people of rural area always afraid of English. Don’t afraid to it . It is just a language like your spoken language . you can speak English if you will practice it only for 1-2 month . So have patience and move forward. Always keep in mind that, Anything is not happens in 1 day but it definitely happened in one day . We have provide a platform to you through www.wideeducation.org that will help you to move towards your success.


What is Sentence

A sentence is a group of word that makes a complete sense .


soumya is a bad boy.

(It is a sen-tence , because it give a complete sense)

soumya bad a is boy .

(It isn’t a sen-tence , because it doesn’t give a complete sense)

A sentence is made up with subject and predicate .

Biju didn’t go out at noon  .


didn’t go out at noon -predicate

A sen-tence is always begin with capital letter and end with full-stop or exclamation or a question mark .

Hemanta is my best friend .

(capital letter) (full stop)

Who is calling me ?

(capital letter)  (question mark)

What a nice car !

(capital letter)  (exclamation mark)

A sen-tence must contain a subject and a verb with independent clause .The subject of a sentence may be visible or hidden but the verb must be visible .

Abhyarthana sang a song .

(subject) (verb)

Go ahead .

(verb) (In the above sentence , subject is hidden & the hidden subject is always you.)

If I will go to puri ………(this is not a sentence because it  has no independent clause)

Type of sentence

Sentence are classified on the basis of structure and function–

1.Simple sentence

A simple sentence is made up with single subject and single verb with independent clause  .


1.Ram married Sita

Above sen-tence is a simple sentence .because this sentence has one subject(Ram) and one verb (marry) with independent clause .

  1. When Girija arrived in the class

Above sen-tence has single subject (Girija) and one verb (arrive) . But this is not a sen-tence because it has no independent clause .

2.Compound  Sentence

 A compound sentence is made up with more than one subject , verb and independent clause. It has no dependent clause .some connector such as conjunction are used to join this clause.


Soumya wants to lose his weight , yet he eats more sweet .

Above sentence has more than one subject(soumya & he) and more than one verb(want & eat)with independent clause. So this is a compound sen-tence.

3.complex sentence

A complex sentence is made up with more than one clause and the sentence must have at least one independent clause & one dependent clause. connector such as although ,that , until are used to connect these clause.  E.g.

 (dependent clause)

Although puja was only 5 , she can rememberd everything what she read.(independent clause)

Until you told me,I knew nothing about it.

4.Complex- Compound sentence

It is the combination of complex sentence and compound sentence . So this sentence has at least one dependent clause and two independent clause.


(dependent clause) (Independent clause)

sunanda had known that suman will attend his birthday party , but suman didn’t come.

(Independent clause)

Declarative Sentence

A declarative sentence always describe something  &  make a statement. This always end with a full-stop(.)


subject + verb + object


He gets up at 7 in the morning.

Jayant reads in Dr. cv raman university .

Puja will come home in about a year.

Interrogative sentence

Interrogative sentence always ask question about something and end with question mark(?).


wh word + auxiliary verb +subject + main verb +object

Auxiliary verb + subject + main verb + object


why don’t you go there ?

Have you finished your dinner ?

What are they selling there ?

Imperative sentence

An  imperative  always make request or give command . It ends with full-stop (.)  & some time end with exclamation mark(!)


verb + …


Please speak slowly.(request)

come here.(command)


1.Optative sentence

This  is used to wish some one . May is used in the beginning of optative sentence. This sentence ends with Exclamation mark(!) .


May + subject + main verb


May God bless you!

May your dream come true !

May you live long !

Exclamatory sentence

Exclamatory sentence express an emotion of  sorrow, anger, wonder etc.This sentence end with Exclamation mark.


What/how +adjective + subject + verb


What a fantastic player Ronaldo is !

how beautiful priya is !




Part of Sentence
Part of Sentence

It is basically divided into 2 parts:




The subject is the key part of a sentence that tells whom or what the sentence is being spoken about. If you will ask the question to a sentence with who and the answer is always subject.


sipu is sitting at the table.

Q-who is sitting at the table ?

Ans- sipu(sipu is subject)

A subject may be

Part of Sentence


The teacher is in class room.


we have a small garden in our village.


To win a marathon race is Nilamadhaba’s dream.


Drinking is a bad habit.



Predicate is a part of sentence which contain a verb and stating something about subject .


The dog is running along the road .


The old man is walking with a stick .


Predicate has 3 part-

 A .verb

 B .object

 C .complement

  1. Verb

The verb of a sentence describe the action of the subject.


pinaki is playing cricket.


In the above sen-tence, “playing” is the main verb that describe the action of subject(pinaki) .

  1. Object

Objects are the part of predicate that receive the action of  verb . It always comes after verb.


Aurvind is pursuing post graduation in Zoology.


Object is 3 type-

Part of Sentence
Object type

1.Direct object

Direct object receive the action of verb directly .


Dev climbed the tree.

 (Direct object)

Linkan bought a car.


2.Indirect object

Indirect object don’t receive the action of verb directly.

It gives information about the person toward which the action of verb directed.


I love his sister.

 (indirect object)

He gave me gift.

  (Indirect object)

Bharat gave a camera to Abhi.

  (indirect object)

3.Object of preposition

Object of preposition is found after the preposition in a sentence. Don’t confuse between direct object and object of preposition.


India is playing World cup in Australia.

 (object of preposition)

The book is on the table.

(object of preposition)


complement is a part of a sen- tence that complete predicate . It describe about the subject.


Babu is a student .


He is a policeman .


Subhra is a handsome actor.


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