Social Networking

What is Social Networking?

We are known about Social Networks because we used day-to-day life we all are aquanaut with social networks.

Concept of social networking:-

“Networking” is an activity or process that has always been with us. Simply, it is the act of reaching out and connecting to others this way we have always been involving networking, and sharing information between an individual that provides enough value to just maintain the relationship. Some of these behaviors are purely utilitarian networks that can be very dynamic or stable. Individuals are continually joining or leaving networks based on changing interests. On the other hand, many networks are represented in communities that outlast the organizational structures.

They are developed within, and between, the typical organizational structures that are meant to support the normal flow of work. Department and project teams are a formal grouping of people to get the work done, whereas “communities of practice” can be informal. A voluntary network that coalesces around a topic of interest.

The Internet is the network of networks life without the internet is next to impossible with the help of social networking sides and body can have as many friends with whom they ex:- Some of the social networking sides are,,,,,,, etc.

Best Social Networks 2022

Till now many social networks, Like Youtube Facebook, Whatsapp,  Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Linked, and also so on. But among all of these best Social networks are  FaceBook ,YouTube and WhatsApp and also Instagram plays a main vital role in the modern age .

Social Networking


The Internet is a global collection of computer networks that are linked together by devices called routers and use a common set of protocols for data transmission known as TCP/IP ( Transmission control protocol/ internet protocol ). The primary purpose of the internet is to facilitate the sharing of information.

There are many different tools used on the internet to make this possible. Some of the more common tools include email, newsgroup, telnet, gopher, FTP, and the world wide web. Probably the most popular of all internet tools is the world wide web.

What is Worldwide Web (WWW)?

The WWE is a collection of internet sites that can be accessed by using a hypertext interface. Hypertext documents on the web contain links to other documents located anywhere on the web. By clicking on a link, you are immediately taken to another file or site to access relevant materials. The interesting thing about Hypertext links is that the links might take you to related material on another computer located anywhere in the World rather than just to a file on your local hard drive.

Social Networking

Basic Concept of WWW:-

A. Browser:-

A WWW browser is software on your computer that allows you to access the world wide web. Examples include Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please know that a browser can`t work its magic unless you are somehow connected to the internet. At home, that is normally accomplished by using a modern that is attached to your computer and your phone line and allows you to connect to, or dial up, an internet service provider (ISP) at work. it may be accomplished by connecting your workplace`s local area network to the internet by using a router and a high-speed data line.

B. Hypertext and Hypermedia:-

Hypertext is the text that contains electronic links to other text. In other words, if you click on hypertext it will take you to other related material. In addition, most WWW documents contain more than just text. They may include pictures, sounds, animations, and movies, Documents with links that contain more than just text are called hypermedia.

C. HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language ) :-

HTML is a set of commands used to create world wide web documents. The commands allow the document creator to define the parts of the documents. For example, you may have text marked as headings, paragraphs, bulleted text, footers, etc. There are also commands that let you import images sounds, animations, and movies as well commands that let you specify links to other documents. If you want to create your own web page, you would need to know HTML or be able to use a tool that can generate HTML such as Clari’s home page or adobe page mill.

Social Networking

D. URL (Uniform Resource Locator ):-

Links between documents are achieved by using an addressing scheme. That is in order to link to another document or item (sound, picture, movie) it must have an address. That address is called its URL. The URL identifies the computer name, directives the protocol used to locate the item such as hypertext, gopher, FTP, telnet, or news. For example, the URL for the main page of the ( Oregon public education networks) website is

E. HTTPS ( Hypertext Transport Protocol):-

HTTPS is the protocol used to transfer hypertext or hypermedia documents.

F. Home Page:-

A Gome page is usually the starting point for locating information at a WWW site. Currently, the home page for Rosebury High School website is located at

G. Clients and Servers:-

If a computer has a web browser installed, it is known as a client. A host computer that is capable of providing information to others is called a server. A server requires special software in order to provide web documents to others.

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