What is Sociology ?

It is the study of society, patterns of social relationships
August Comte,the positive philosopher, is considered to be the originator the science of sociology.
Auguste comte,the father of sociology used the term of Sociology for the first time in the year 1937.
-It is the study of sociology.



Etymological meaning of sociology

-The term Sociology has been derived from two words societies which mean society and logos which mean science.
-Thus from an etymological point of view sociology is the science of society.
It attempts to study, understand, interpret, and control human behavior in its social context sociology, being science has rightly the theoretical and practical and practical aspects.



Durkheinm,E.(1956)Sociology is the time for collectivity representation
Gidding Sociology is the systematic description and explanation of society viewed as whole

Ginsberg-Sociology is the study of human interations and interrelation,theire conditions and consequences


It is a pure science and not an applied science
It deals with general and not an with the specific or particular.
Being Scientific,it is rational and empirical
-It does not give solution to our problems.
It investigates everything objectively. So it is categorical and not normative.


 Scope of Sociology 


Relationship Between Sociology And Education


(i) The French sociologist is regarded to be the Father of modern-day educational Sociology. He assigned to schooling a cleaning and prison position in society. He desired that training have to understand social existence, equal, and make  the improvised society.

(ii) The conceptual body work right here is functionalism, the search for the social characteristic carried out through education. It is the phase performed through training in the protection, and promoting of social concord and Social unity.

(iii) Education was once required via ‘Durkheim’ to undertake the methodical socialization of the youthful generation. In different words, schooling has to improve these values and capabilities that are predicted to the child through the society.

(iv)like physics, is a pure science, whereas, education, like engineering, is its utilized or technological aspect. Education takes place In society.

(v) The child has to analyze the approaches of lifestyles of his group. He receives positive beliefs, acquires sure abilities, and study certain values. His character takes form in a social milieu(the social environment that you live or work in) . He receives socialized through Education.

(vi) This socialization or training consequently is a social process, which takes location in a social context, and which influences and shapes the social conduct of children.

(vii) Education is thus the organization through which newcomers are inducted into society. Education molds the patterns of conduct of younger in response to a price system. These two specifically the patterns of conduct and values on which they are based. Are the two primary of sociology.

Relationship between sociology and Education

Relationship Between Sociology And Education

(i) According to Sociology thinkers, education is no longer the equal element as schooling, or is it the instructing and studying of a positive body of problem matter. It is much (extra) than these. It is equaling to the improvement of a personality and persona through potential of social lifestyles of academic institutions.

(ii) This social lifestyles consist of drama, music, visible arts, spiritual maters, debates, discussions, etc. From sociological factor of view, training is considered as a system in which there are.two aspects: The Psychological & Sociological.

(iii) Sociologists accept as true with the sociological component as essential due to the fact genuine schooling comes thru the stimulation of the kid’s strength by the demand of the social situation in which he survives. One of the vital aspects of sociological component is culture.

(iv) According to sociologists training is a social system which help in casting off the defects in a society and may additionally perpetuate acceptable institutions & team activities.

(v) They connect excellent significance to one of the necessary factors of training I.e. Gaining knowledge of which the result of social. Interaction & Social motivation is. They think about schooling as a process of direct learning. This implies the necessity of imparting kids with purposeful experiences, so that they can also turn out to be beneficial residents as a phase of education.


(i) Socialization means the development of social behavior. This social conduct is developed thru the system of social interplay among individuals. Socialization is the method of interplay among

Members of the society via which the younger learns the values of the society and the way of doing and wondering that is deemed to be proper and proper.R

(ii) Socialization is the method of making ready the kids to match properly in the society into which they are born, The family, the school, neighborhood, community, religion, media, cinema, etc. Are some chief agencies of society to socialize the human beings. lt is a gradual and non-stop process. It begins at beginning and ends with death.

What is Social Change and Education


Change truely means alteration or difference or change that takes location in a situation or in an object thru time. Change entails change of the object or scenario from its preceding position. Joseph Ficher (1964) described “change is variant from a preceding stage or mode of existence”.

All accounts of change contain displaying that continue to be secure as a baseline towards which to measure alterations. Even in the rapidly growing world today, there are continuties with the past. Change is a matter of inference what to deduce is distinction with an object whether or not it is the society at giant or a neighborhood at small from the analysis of a set of observations.

These variations can be interpreted as a change. Thus any alternate entails three things

1. Point of departure (baseline) of the object or state of affairs below study.

2. Time span

3. Difference found (between earlier than and after situation) in recognize of the factor of departure.

Sociology and education


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