virtual classroom

A Virtual classroom is an online lecture room that allows members to speak with one another, view displays or videos, engage with different members, and have interaction with recourses in workgroups.

A digital study room is online getting-to-know surroundings that permit for stay interplay between the tutor and the learners as they are taking part in learning activities.

In different words, the digital study room is a shared online area the place the newcomers and the tutor work collectively simultaneously.

virtual classroom



Usually, these interactions take region thru video conferencing. The individuals have the equipment to existing studying content material in different formats, as nicely as to enforce collaborative and personal activities.

In this kind of interaction, the trainer has the specific essential function of the moderator who guides the learning system and helps team things to do and discussions.

Strategies of Virtual Classroom:

1. A Place To Meet:

Students and instructors use their computer systems to go to a digital assembly vicinity as an alternative of a classroom.

2. Take Attendance: A list of college students is recorded.

3. Lecture:

A teacher can select from a variety of synchronous technological know-how which includes :

  • Slide Presentation
  • Audio And Video Conferencing
  • Application Sharing
  • Shared Whiteboard.

virtual classroom

4. Interaction with Students:

  • Students can point out when they desire to talk through certainly raising their hand.
  • Teachers can let students talk thru audio and video conferencing.
  • Teachers and students can use on-the-spot messaging and chat.

5. Quizzes: A teacher can present queries to students.

6. Breakout Sessions: Students can work collectively in groups.

The Various number of elements of Virtual study room that make studying fascinating as properly as interactive are:

1. Synchronous Learning:

  • In this kind of learning process, students and professors join and have interact with every different in actual time.
  • Interaction with professors and friends makes the studying method interesting and enriching for students.

2. Live Audio-Video Support:

  • Audio and video aid each contribute closer to the e-learning procedure in the digital classroom.
  • No. of digital equipment are handy for interplay with college students like email, chat, Google meet, zoom, etc.
  • The scholar can ask queries through sharing their movies or chat.

3. Session Recording:

  • The whole lecture room session can be recorded in video structure and save in the library for future reference.
  • This characteristic is extraordinarily useful, specifically for absent students.
  • We can use the recorded video for revision purposes.

4. Sharing of Learning Resources and/or Desktop Screen:

  • The assets sharing points in VC lets in professor share content material in a one-of-a-kind structure with the pupil in actual time whilst turning in lectures.
  • The assets like PPT, PDF, Flash video, Ms-Word, etc.

virtual classroom

5. Classroom Control By Professors and Active Student Participation:

  • In VC when the professor delivers lectures to the pupil whilst explaining standards ideally one aspect manner of verbal exchange is accompanied and scholars are no longer permitted to talk/express themselves at an equal time.
  • Student can ask their question by elevating their hands.

6. Multi-Level Fallback Mechanism for Class Continuation:

  • The VC is a web-based device which completely based on the web connectivity.
  • If in the remotest possibilities, members get disconnected from the digital classroom, there are a number of choices to maintain the category active.
  • The technical crew operates the fallback mechanisms.

7. Live Tech Support:

The institutions grant live tech helps to their college students for getting to know assistance.

Advantages of Virtual Classroom:

1. Personalized learning: Students can examine at their very own time and segment
2. Long-distance learning.
3. Enhances collaboration and communication.
4. Real-time education and learning.
5. Effective and environment-friendly time management.
6. Gives college students and instructors international exposure.
7. Accessed to anyone equally from somewhere and at any time.
8. Affordable.
9. Introduces college students and educators to training technology.
10. Comprehensive online tutorials. eleven Encourages digital and clever classrooms.
12. Improves Visualization.

Disadvantages of Virtual Classroom:

1. No manage over the college students or schoolroom
2. No manipulate over the getting to know ecosystem or surroundings
3. Virtual Classroom requires computer systems and net access, which may now not be at hand to anybody
4. Expensive: Enrolling in online stay categories or guides can be luxurious
5. Students lack real-time instructing ride
6. The hazard to the usual student-teacher collaboration

virtual classroom

Benefits to Learner /Characteristics of Virtual Classroom:

1. No Travel Required:
Access to gaining knowledge is handy at the place of work by means of the internet.

2. Support:
All the guides wished to whole the publications is constructed into the program.

3. Learning Experience:
VCT affords a pretty interactive, two-way getting-to-know experience.

4. Flexibility:
Access to path fabric each time anywhere.


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